It’s Raining …Jobs.

I recently read a very smart single person’s blog, and they said that when you put the self-love vibe out there, others will pick up on it.

When I last spoke at you, dear Ghost friend, I was bemoaning my lack of confidence and interview savviness and generally wielding the mental self-flagellation equivalent of a cat-o-nine tails after an interview with the feds. Spoiler alert: I got the job. It’s a good one, too, one that means I won’t break the bank moving to a new city in a few weeks. Best of all, I’m not taking a pay cut as I thought I might have to do to get where I want to be geographically. I’m actually getting a slight increase (about 6%) in wages due to the locality.

In the month or so before this momentous event, all was dead quiet on the Pacific Northwestern employment front. Not a ripple on the water for weeks, and now that the leviathan in the form of a perfectly matched federal job has stirred in the deep, it seems opportunities are bolting to the surface. The leviathan rumble-hissed into the inky darkness “We want her,” and the rushing bubbles panicked blind and lethargic job-monsters from their lairs.

Colorful descriptions aside, one job in particular has always appealed to me. It would be at lower pay, but would be applying the governing laws of my profession from a different perspective. I would like that kind of shake-up to my career. Should I do the interview next week?

I’ve droned on at length about how untethered I feel at this moment in my life. I am filled with delicious anticipation about changing cities, being on my own, trying new things and meeting new people (I’m a gregarious Sagittarius), but I also am resistant to change (Virgo fucking rising). This schizophrenic clash of traits feels very chaotic to me, so my inner realist feels like the best thing to do is to have a solid financial foundation on which to build in a new place. The federal job would allow me to continue in my current vein for the foreseeable future while I redesign my life.

That being said, the federal job offer is currently tentative, which means they’re waiting on a background check to make sure I’m legit. Apparently it’s not enough that I work for another federal agency who also did their own background check when they hired me *eye roll*. In any case, a formal offer has yet to be made, so until that happens I think I’ll keep my options open and do the other interview. I think no one could fault me for doing so. It’s like kissing someone when you have no commitment and are both dating other people. Someone’s bound to be disappointed in the end, but not too badly because you’ll nip it in the bud early.

I’ve had another couple of interview offers as well, but since those jobs are more or less what I’m doing now with less pay, I think I’ll cut them loose. I either need to massage new life into my career by stimulating it with change, or I need to bring home the cheddar.

*Sigh* Maybe one day soon it will rain men.

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