The pendulum swings back and forth, up and down, here and there. I know my “public” interface on this site is on a pastel background and has a nice font and is light and bright (“public”, is that you, Ghost?). Trust me, it’s not like that on this end. Over here, the screen is black, […]

Double Standards

OK Ghost, listen up. It’s time to talk about everyone’s most favorite topic….sexual harassment! Yes, dear Ghost, it might not be a fun subject, but we’re going to trot out this old nag and give her a once over. No, not me. The topic. Focus. Twice in about the last two months I’ve had an […]

Steve, the Sea, and the New Purple Bike

I’m decompressing. It was a whirlwind of a weekend with lots of Love. Lots of Bikes. Some new Friends. A Dog and a Dog-adjacent being. The weekend started with me learning a very important lesson about leaving Portland for destinations north on a Friday afternoon. I thought I was beating the traffic by leaving at […]

The Theory of Relativity

How a 43 Year Old Woman Took Up BMX Racing: A Cycling Love Letter This epic tale requires a little bit of background. Please bear with me while I set the stage for one of the most important episodes of my life. I learned to ride a bike when I was six years old on […]

What is the Right Thing?

I did a thing tonight and it pains me. This week I had to give an hour-long presentation to our college-aged intern on the finer points of lithic analysis, so I spent most of the week on that. Once I gave the presentation on Friday, I turned my attention to an article I’m enjoying writing, […]

The Handmaid’s Tale

The thing has happened. Roe v Wade has been overturned by the highest court in the land. I’m not going to go into why this is a travesty of justice, because if you don’t already know, you probably won’t want to read on. There are enough memes and commentary floating around on the internet right […]

Always a Bridesmaid

I dated a guy when I first moved to Oregon. It was absolutely amazing how quickly he realized he’d made a mistake and didn’t want to date me anymore. I dated a guy a couple of months later who made it apparent after a couple of evenings that he wasn’t interested in me, either. Tonight […]

My (virtual) Brothers

I’m having a hard time starting to write tonight. I did a 9.5 mile run today, and I thought that would give me inspiration for a post, but you can’t force the thing. The thing happens when it happens. On long run day I usually don’t listen to music. Music (especially my usual angry mix) […]

Unpacking, and not.

I’m back in the Rose City, the Pearl of the Willamette, the Pride of Oregon, the…well, you get the idea. I’m back in the land of flowers and oxygen, where vegetables don’t need to be convinced to grow and water literally falls out of the sky. I’ve unpacked my suitcase. I still need to wrench […]

Pride’s Head Revisited

So here’s the thing, dear Ghost, heeeere’s the pickle I’m in. I’m having a blast with my ex, we’re doing the things we’re the absolute best at this weekend, which is riding bikes in all contexts. Pump track, jump track, BMX track. We’re having fun. We’re being generally chatty and congenial. I saw and spent […]